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Dyar Pasture M.A.R.S.H. Project Mistletoe State Park McDuffie Public Fishing Area Di-Lane Plantation Wildlife Management Area The Classic South area is home to many cypress swamps.  Photo by Richard T. Bryant.  Email richard_T_Bryant@mindspring.comClassic South

In the Classic South travel region, the wildlife watcher will find more of the piedmont cotton fields of 1850 now in second-growth timber and various stages of "old field succession" vegetation. This region includes the upper Savannah River Valley with most of the river existing now in the form of hydropower impoundments. Great opportunities exist for recreation and wildlife viewing. There are also stretches of the natural river and its floodplain, which form the eastern border of the State. The vegetation occurring on the river bluffs in the Coastal Plain south of Augusta tends to be more closely associated with the mountains. Tributary streams to the Savannah from the Georgia side exhibit outstanding examples of hardwood swamps and cypress swamps, which form excellent wildlife habitats. South of Augusta, most of these tributaries are slow-moving blackwater streams, some of them containing very old hardwood trees. These areas were spared the impact of human agriculture because they were too wet to farm and too low to drain.

Classic South

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