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Evans County Public Fishing Area

Description: Located in the gently rolling hills of the Claxton Terrace, this 372-acre public fishing area has a diversity of habitats. The 84- and 30-acre fishing lakes lie along a blackwater creek that flows through the area. Forested wetlands composed of maples, bay, gum, oak, and pines are found close to these lakes. A wet meadow of sedges, wax myrtle, bulrushes, and grasses is located alongside the large lake. Upland areas are generally in mixed pine and hardwoods, longleaf pine with wiregrass, pines or hardwoods. Several old field areas with stands of Bermuda grass, beard grass, blackberry, oaks, gum, persimmons, and pine are found in the area. The lakes offer good fishing, scenic views and abundant wildlife viewing.

Viewing Information: Wading birds that feed in the lakes and creeks include great blue and little blue herons; great American, snowy, and cattle egrets; and least bitterns. Other wetland birds common to this area are king rails and American coots. Ospreys and an occasional bald eagle come to the area in the spring and fall to feed on fish which they catch near the surface of the lake. Look for anhingas with out-stretched wings, sunning themselves on logs and tree stumps. In the upland fields, listen for bobwhite quail, mourning doves, and other songbirds. Coyotes, otters, raccoons, bobcats, and beavers also are found on this very diverse area. The American alligator may be seen anywhere on this area.

Directions: From Claxton, travel US Hwy. 280 east 8.5 miles. Turn right and follow the signs.

Management: Georgia DNR, Wildlife Resources Division, 912-685-6424

Closest Town: Claxton, GA

Additional Information: The area is open March 1 through October 31 from sunrise to sunset. For specific regulations in the area please check the State Fishing Regulations. Tours are available.

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