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A progressive business boom town, the greater metropolitan Atlanta area is also the most heavily forested city in America. Stringently enforced ordinances help minimize the loss of the forest. Much of the understory of this urban forest is provided and maintained by the people of Atlanta, many of whom enjoy gardening as a serious hobby. There are, in fact, many residential gardens in Atlanta that are maintained specifically for wildlife. And through it all runs the Chattahoochee River, which forms a magnificent metropolitan wildlife corridor as it meanders through the heart of the city. On the north side of the city may be found a very good and equally rare trout fisher's dream, a metropolitan trout stream, which is only one superlative feature of the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area. To the east are located the fragile granite monoliths, Stone Mountain and Panola Mountain. On the south side is an ancient site of human occupation known as Soapstone Ridge, where bowls and other tools were carved from the stone of the area. Finally, to the west, Sweetwater Creek empties its sparkling tributary waters into the Chattahoochee.

Atlanta Metro

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