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Civil War Cemeteries

Location Name Facts
Albany Riverside/Oakview Cemetery Large Confederate monument and seven unknown soldiers.
Americus Oak Grove City Cemetery Confederate Section Graves of 129 Confederate soldiers, 45 of them unknown, who died in local hospitals.
Andersonville Andersonville National Cemetery Believed to be 13,699 Union soldiers killed in prisoner of war camps, hospitals, and onbattlefields. More than 16,000 total interments, including prisoners of war from all wars.
Athens Oconee Hill Cemetery Graves of 12 unknown soldiers. Generals T.R.R. Cobb, Howell Cobb, Martin Smith, and William M. Brown are buried in their family plots.
Atlanta Oakland Cemetery Apx. 2,500 Confederate dead and 20 Union dead. Also buried here are John BrownGordon, Alfred Iverson, Jr., Clement Anselm Evans, Joseph E. Brown.
Utoy Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery Buried here are apx. 25 Confederates who died in the Battle of Atlanta and the Battle of Utoy Creek.
Westview Cemetery Confederate Memorial and 347 Confederate veterans in the Confederate section.
Augusta Magnolia Cemetery More than 300 Confederate soldiers who died in local hospitals. In fortified eastwall, patches where cannons were placed still visible.
Barnesville Greenwood Cemetery Reported to be 115 Confederate dead, 84 unknown, who died in local hospitals, and two Union soldiers.
Cassville Confederate Cemetery Graves of 300 unknown Confederate soldiers. Grave of Gen. William T. Wofford.
Chattanooga, TN Confederate Cemetery Tablets feature names of units of Confederate dead. Graves of two Union soldiers.
Chattanooga National Cemetery More than 12,000 Union dead, 5,000 unknown. Union raiders who stole the General in the "Great Locomotive Chase" are buried here.
Columbus Linwood Cemetery More than 200 Confederates lie in the army and navy sections.
Covington Covington Confederate Cemetery, inside Covington City Cemetery Buried here are 67 known and eight unknown Confederates.
Cuthbert Greenwood Cemetery An estimated 24 Confederate dead buried here.
Dalton West Hill Cemetery A total of 421 unknown Confederate, four known Confederate and four unknown Union soldiers.
Forsyth Forsyth Soldier's Cemetery,inside Forsyth City Cemetery Graves of 299 unknown Confederate soldiers and one known. Note grave of HonoraSweeney, who died while serving in a Confederate hospital.
Fort Gaines New Park Cemetery Graves of nine unknown Confederate soldiers who died in local hospitals.
Fort Valley Oaklawn Cemetery Apx. 20 unknown Confederate soldiers who died in a local train wreck and in local hospitals.
Greensboro Greensboro City Cemetery A total of 45 Confederate soldiers buried here, most died in local hospitals.
Griffin Stonewall Cemetery More than 500 Confederate and one Union soldier buried here.
Jonesboro Patrick R. Cleburne Memorial Cemetery An estimated 600-1,000 Confederate soldiers who died in the Battle of Jonesboro and in local hospitals.
Kingston Confederate Cemetery Graves of 250 unknown Confederate and two Union soldiers.
LaGrange Confederate Cemetery Apx. 300 Confederate soldiers are buried here.
Macon Rose Hill Cemetery In Confederate Square lie approximately 600 Confederate and Union soldiers.
Madison Old City Cemetery Graves of 51 unknown and one known Confederate soldier and one Negro hospital attendant.
Marietta Confederate Cemetery at Marietta Apx. 3,000 Confederate soldiers, representing every southern state, buried here.
Marietta National Cemetery Graves of more than 10,000 Union soldiers, 3,000 unknown.
Milledgeville Memory Hill Cemetery Over 20 unknown Confederate soldiers are buried in one plot. In a separate location arethree Union soldiers. General Doles of the Doles-Cook Brigade is buried here.
Milner Confederate Cemetery More than 100 unknown soldiers are buried here.
Moultrie Greenfield Church Cemetery White wooden crosses mark 75-100 graves. Believed to be unknown Confederate soldiers.
Newnan Oak Hill Cemetery Graves of 268 Confederate soldiers, only two unknown.
Oxford Oxford College Campus Cemetery Graves of 26 soldiers.
Quitman West End Cemetery A total of 17 unknown Confederate dead who mysteriously died on their way to the Battle
Resaca Confederate Cemetery The first Confederate cemetery in Georgia. Graves of soldiers who died in the Battle of Resaca.
Rome Myrtle Hill Cemetery In one plot, 377 Confederate and two Union soldiers.
Savannah Bonaventure Cemetery Graves of six Confederate generals: Robert J. Anderson, Henry R. Jackson, Alexander R.
Laurel Grove Cemetery A total of 1,500 Confederate dead and eight Confederate generals.
Stone Mountain Stone Mountain Cemetery Apx. 150 unknown Confederate soldiers who died in Confederate hospitals.
The Rock Confederate Cemetery The graves of 12 unknown soldiers who died in the General Hospital.
Thomaston Glenwood Cemetery Buried here are 54 Confederate soldiers. The grave of Georgia Dr. Edward A. Flewellen,Medical Director of the Confederate Army of Tennessee, is near the Confederate section.
Thomasville Laurel Hill Cemetery Buried here are 13 Confederate soldiers, 12 known and one unknown. General John
The Old City Cemetery When 5,000 prisoners were brought to a temporary prison camp in Thomasville, several
Waynesboro Waynesboro Confederate Memorial Cemetery An estimated 45 Confederate dead, nine iron crosses mark unknown.
West Point Fort Tyler Cemetery A total of 76 Confederate and Union soldiers who were killed or died of wounds in the

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