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Now, you just basically need to blend it together.  I use a food processor, but have also used a blender.

Start with the peppers.  slice the tops off and put in a shallow bowl of water and microwave for two minutes or so, this is supposed to make them hotter.  (I did not do this with the dried red ones)

To blend I start with the peppers.  You need to put a few tomatoes and a little juice to give it enough liquid to blend well.  Liquify the of the peppers. and dump into big pot.

Now I do the cilantro, garlic, and the onion which I quarter.  Again put in a few tomatoes and liquefy the hell out of it.

Now the rest of the tomatoes in as many batches as your blender/processor needs.  This you can do to your personal taste.  I usually only leave blending for a second or two, and depending on how many you do at a time takes a good consistency, don't blend too much or you will get tobasco.

With it all in a pot, a few tablespoons of pepper (i'm estimating, I've never measured, but once i accidentally dumped a bunch in and it tasted great), a lot of salt (more than you would think) cover the top. Experiment.

Mix together, and that's it!  Serve cold.

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