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Brunswick Stew

Brunswick claims to be the “official home” of Brunswick Stew. The following is the “official recipe” distributed by the visitors bureau. Start with the following ingredients: 1 3-lb. chicken, 1 lb. lean pork, 1 lb. lean beef, and 3 medium onions, chopped. Place meat in large, heavy pot. Season with salt, pepper. Add onions and cover with water. Cook slowly until meat falls from bones (several hours). Remove from heat and allow to cool. Tear meat into shreds and return to stock. Add: 4 cans (16 oz.) tomatoes, 5 T. Worcestershire sauce, 1½ bottles (14 oz.) catsup, 1 T. Tabasco sauce, 2 bay leaves, ½ bottle (12 oz.) chili sauce, ½ t. dry mustard, ½ stick butter. Cook 1 hour, occasionally stirring to prevent sticking. Add: 3 T. vinegar, 2 cans (16 oz.) small limas or butter beans, 2 cans (16 oz.) creamstyle corn, 1 can small English peas (3 small diced Irish potatoes and box of frozen, sliced okra—optional). Cook slowly until thick. Serve in a bowl with barbecue or fried shrimp.

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