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Surf Fishing

Many fishermen who are familiar with stream or lake fishing discover a whole new sport in surf fishing. Surf anglers wade out into the Atlantic, waves washing against their legs. They use the leverage of the long surf rod to cast a weighted piece of squid bait far out into the green waters. It comes naturally in just a few tries. The action is much easier than casting a spinning rod.Tasty spot, croaker, and flounder make great eating after a day on the beach. Latching onto a warrior like a bluefish or a behemoth like a 70-pound red drum can provide a memorable challenge. Surf rods, much longer and heftier than standard rods, are available for rent at tackle shops. Demonstrations on surf fishing by naturalists are part of the summer program at the national seashore. Check at Toms Cove Visitor Center for current fishing information and regulations or to request an after-hours fishing permit. No saltwater license is required along the Virginia or Maryland coast.

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