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Longstreet Highroad Guide to the Tennessee Mountains

By Vernon and Cathy Summerlin

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Fontana Village

Located 3 miles from Fontana Dam, Fontana Village is a favorite stopover for through-hikers. The village offers a 16-bed hostel with bunk beds, two bathrooms, hot showers, kitchen, and living area, all at very little charge. Also, there are private cottages with kitchen and bath, some of which can be shared by up to eight hikers. The shopping area has a cafeteria, short-order grill, grocery store for resupply, ice cream parlor, post office, recreation building with indoor pool, and laundromat. Hikers in need of backpacking supplies can order toll-free from Black Dome Outfitters in Asheville, North Carolina, with overnight delivery (ask about this service at registration desk).

Some of the facilities at Fontana Village are available on a seasonal basis.

For more information: Fontana Village, Fontana Dam, Box 68, NC 28733. Phone (800) 849-2258.

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