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The Civil War in Georgia, An Illustrated Travelers Guide

By Richard J. Lenz

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Middle Georgia East Introduction

Middle Georgia East, the heart of King Cotton, is similar to the Middle Georgia, with its beautiful plantation homes and rich Civil War history. There is much to see in Augusta, a major Confederate city, with the Confederate Powder Works and many factories supplying goods to the South during the War. Located in the northern part of the region were important, rich merchant towns devoted to the cotton trade, such as Washington, the location of the Robert Toombs House State Historic Site and where Jefferson Davis held the last meeting of the Confederate cabinet, before fleeing south. At Crawfordville is Alexander H. Stephens State Historic Park, which features Vice President of the Confederacy's home and museum. In the southern part of the region are towns which experienced Sherman's "March to the Sea" in late 1864, including Sandersville, Louisville, Waynesboro, Wrights-ville, and Millen. During the March, this region saw many cavalry skirmishes, between Confederate Gen. Joe Wheeler and Union Gen. Judson Kilpatrick. The world's largest prisoner-of-war camp was located near Millen. Today, it is a lush vacation land with large recreational lakes and rivers and abundant forests.

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Middle Georgia East Outline

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